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What Beachbody Workout is 4 Days a Week?

What Beachbody Workout is 4 Days a Week?

What Beachbody Workout is 4 Days a Week? A Comprehensive Guide

Beachbody, a popular fitness company known for its diverse range of workout programs, offers numerous routines designed to fit various lifestyles and fitness levels. Among these, finding a program that meets the specific requirement of being scheduled 4 days a week can be crucial for those looking to balance fitness with a busy lifestyle. One such program is "4 Weeks of THE PREP." This comprehensive guide will delve into what this program entails, its benefits, how to get started, and tips for maximizing your results.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Beachbody and 4 Weeks of THE PREP
  2. Overview of the Program
  3. Benefits of 4 Weeks of THE PREP
  4. Getting Started with 4 Weeks of THE PREP
  5. Weekly Workout Structure
  6. Tips for Maximizing Results
  7. Common Questions and Answers
  8. Conclusion

1. Introduction to Beachbody and 4 Weeks of THE PREP

Beachbody has been a leading name in home fitness for years, offering a variety of programs that cater to different fitness goals, from weight loss and muscle building to flexibility and endurance. "4 Weeks of THE PREP" is specifically designed to prepare you for more intense workouts, such as Beachbody's "6 Weeks of THE WORK," making it ideal for both beginners and those looking to ramp up their fitness levels.

2. Overview of the Program

Designed for All Levels

  • Beginner-Friendly: While the program is intense, it is crafted to be approachable for beginners, providing modifications to suit different fitness levels.
  • Intermediate to Advanced: For those already in decent shape, the program offers the right amount of challenge to push your limits.

Structure and Duration

  • 4 Days a Week: The program is conveniently structured to be performed four days a week, allowing ample recovery time and flexibility in scheduling.
  • 4 Weeks Long: As the name suggests, the program runs for four weeks, making it a manageable commitment.

Workout Types

  • Strength Training: Focuses on building muscle and increasing strength.
  • Cardio: Improves cardiovascular health and burns calories.
  • Mobility and Core: Enhances flexibility, stability, and core strength.

3. Benefits of 4 Weeks of THE PREP

Comprehensive Fitness Improvement

  • Strength Gains: Targeted workouts designed to increase muscle strength and endurance.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Cardio sessions improve heart health and stamina.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Dedicated days for mobility ensure balanced fitness.

Convenient Schedule

  • Flexibility: With only four days required per week, it's easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.
  • Recovery Time: Adequate rest days help in muscle recovery and reduce the risk of injury.

Progressive Training

  • Preparation for Intense Workouts: Ideal for those planning to take on more intense programs like "6 Weeks of THE WORK."
  • Gradual Progression: Each week builds on the previous one, gradually increasing intensity.

4. Getting Started with 4 Weeks of THE PREP

Required Equipment

  • Dumbbells: Various weights to accommodate different exercises.
  • Resistance Bands: For added resistance and versatility in workouts.
  • Exercise Mat: Provides comfort and support during floor exercises.

Setting Up Your Workout Space

  • Space: Ensure you have enough space to move freely without obstructions.
  • Lighting: Good lighting to clearly see the screen if following along with videos.
  • Ventilation: A well-ventilated area to keep you cool during workouts.

Accessing the Program

  • Beachbody On Demand: Subscribe to Beachbody On Demand to access "4 Weeks of THE PREP" along with other Beachbody programs.

5. Weekly Workout Structure

Week 1: Foundation

  • Day 1: Full Body Strength
  • Day 2: Cardio & Core
  • Day 3: Mobility & Stability
  • Day 4: Strength Circuit

Week 2: Building Up

  • Day 1: Lower Body Strength
  • Day 2: Cardio & Core
  • Day 3: Mobility & Stability
  • Day 4: Upper Body Strength

Week 3: Intensifying

  • Day 1: Strength & Power
  • Day 2: Cardio & Core
  • Day 3: Mobility & Stability
  • Day 4: Strength Circuit

Week 4: Pushing Limits

  • Day 1: Full Body Strength
  • Day 2: Cardio & Core
  • Day 3: Mobility & Stability
  • Day 4: Strength & Power

6. Tips for Maximizing Results


  • Stick to the Schedule: Follow the program as designed to see the best results.
  • Rest Days: Use rest days for recovery, not for additional intense workouts.


  • Balanced Diet: Complement your workouts with a diet rich in protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.
  • Hydration: Stay well-hydrated before, during, and after workouts.

Form and Technique

  • Proper Form: Focus on maintaining proper form to prevent injuries and ensure effectiveness.
  • Modifications: Use modifications if needed to keep workouts safe and manageable.

Tracking Progress

  • Journal: Keep a fitness journal to track your workouts, nutrition, and progress.
  • Photos and Measurements: Take before and after photos and measurements to see physical changes.

7. Common Questions and Answers

Is "4 Weeks of THE PREP" suitable for beginners?

  • Yes: The program is designed to be accessible for beginners with modifications provided for various fitness levels.

What if I miss a workout?

  • Adjust: If you miss a workout, try to fit it in on another day or extend the program by a day to make up for it.

Can I combine this program with other workouts?

  • Listen to Your Body: While it’s possible, ensure you’re not overtraining. Complementary low-impact activities like yoga or light stretching can be beneficial.

Do I need any special equipment?

  • Basic Equipment: Dumbbells, resistance bands, and an exercise mat are recommended for the best experience.

8. Conclusion

"4 Weeks of THE PREP" by Beachbody is a well-rounded, effective program that caters to those looking for a structured, manageable fitness routine with just four days of commitment per week. It offers a balanced approach to strength, cardio, and mobility training, making it suitable for beginners and those preparing for more intense workouts. By following this program, maintaining consistency, and supporting your efforts with proper nutrition and recovery, you can achieve significant fitness improvements and set a strong foundation for future challenges.

By adhering to the guidelines and tips outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can optimize your experience with "4 Weeks of THE PREP" and embark on a successful fitness journey.


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