Thursday, July 2, 2020

Easy Core Workouts For Beginners

Core Workouts For Beginners

Core Workouts For Beginners

It’s easy to see why weak core muscles could result in poor posture, lower back pain and other muscle injuries, while working to strengthen them could help improve your balance and stability. Plus, working out your core (along with a healthy diet and aerobic exercise) could help you get a toned and tight tummy, if that’s one of your goals.

But, before you do a hundred crunches, it’s important to note that your core is made up of several muscles that wrap from the front of your torso to your back: your rectus abdominis (your “six pack”), transverse abdominis (internal muscles that wrap around your torso), erector spinae (muscles in your lower back) and your obliques (on your sides).

In this at-home core workout, we will take you through easy moves that will make your abs feel like they’re on fire, and we totally mean this in a good way. All you need is a mat or a soft surface and your core will be ready to burn baby, burn!

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